Art Class Supply Lists


ROSS MYERS  -  Please have all you supplies for each class. Extra supplies are good, but ddon't leave anything off.
DRAWING- drawing pad 14x17 or bigger, 2B, 6B pencils, blending stump, white eraser, pencil sharpener, compressed charcoal, soft or 6B charcoal pencil, and vine charcoal-med or soft.
WATERCOLOR- 140 OR 300# cold press paper, paper towels, plastic palette, drawing board, paper tape, pencil, brushes that are good grade synthetic- #4 & #6 rounds and 1/2" & 1" flat.
ACRYLIC-Paper palette, paper towels, palette knife, canvas, synthetic brushes-#4 round, 1/2" and 1" flats, water container. Paints: Titanium white, burnt seina, burnt umber, yellow oxide, cad yellow, cad red, Prussian blue, quinacridone crimson, thalo blue, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue.
OILS- Paper palette, mixing knife, paper towels, odorless thinner, stretched canvas, synthetic brushes- #4 round, 1/2" & 1" flats, Paints- titanium white, burnt seina, burnt umber, lemon yellow hue, cad yellow hue, cad red hue, Prussian blue, permanent rose, cerulean blue hue, ultramarine blue.

Koi 18 W/C set, #3 & #8 Sceptre Brushes, 2H pencil, kneaded eraser, 10x13 plastic palette, note pad, ruler, scissors, 2 water containers, paper towels, 1 22x30 300#cold press sheet.

SARAH SARTAIN - WATERCOLORS - Supply list below.

Sarah Sartain's Supply List
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